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BMW's Opportunities to Produce Electric Vehicles in Indonesia

BMW is gradually transitioning towards producing electric vehicles. As evidence, BMW has started producing mild hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) in Indonesia.

Jaffry Prabu Prakoso

8 Jun 2023 - 11.20
BMW's Opportunities to Produce Electric Vehicles in Indonesia

BMW Electric Car i7./Doc. BMW

Bisnis, JAKARTA — BMW Indonesia is exploring the opportunity to locally produce electric vehicles (EVs) in Indonesia. However, the company is still considering manufacturing readiness and government policies.

Anindiyanto Kumoro, Product Planning Manager of BMW Group Indonesia, stated that in order to produce local electric vehicles in Indonesia, BMW requires adequate manufacturing conditions.

Therefore, BMW mentioned the possibility of incorporating new technology in the factory and improving the quality of human resources or the workforce at the BMW plant in Indonesia.

“We want to prepare everything first because it is not feasible to produce EVs [electric vehicles] using the existing production line. We need something new in that production line or train the people who build the cars. Once that is ready, we will consider the opportunity to produce EVs in Indonesia,” said Anindiyanto in Jakarta on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

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