Government Set to Reformulate Incentives for Electric Vehicles

It's worth noting that the government is actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Beyond offering incentives, it is diligently involved in cultivating the supply chain ecosystem for EV components, including those for electric motorbike conversions.

Lukman Nur Hakim & Akbar Evandio

11 Nov 2023 - 16.32
Government Set to Reformulate Incentives for Electric Vehicles


Bisnis, JAKARTA — The government is revamping incentive schemes and policies for electric vehicles to promote greener transportation options. In the initial phase of this reformulation, incentives for converting conventional oil-fueled motorbikes to electric ones are being enhanced.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Arifin Tasrif stated that the government has decided to increase the incentives for electric motorbike conversion from the previous IDR 7 million to IDR 10 million.

“It has been decided—IDR 10 million for the [electric motorbike] conversion,” mentioned Arifin during a meeting at the Ministry of EMR on Friday (2023-11-10).

The extra discounts implemented this week are expected to effectively motivate individuals to switch to electric motorbikes.

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