Indonesia Seizes High Demand in the Global Wood Pellet Market

Wood pellets are a form of renewable energy derived from biomass, making them environmentally friendly. They are commonly used as a substitute for coal, particularly in countries with four seasons.

Fatkhul Maskur

13 Mar 2024 - 17.40
Indonesia Seizes High Demand in the Global Wood Pellet Market

South Korea still dominates Indonesia's wood pellet export demand, with a shipping volume reaching 204,947 tons (33%)." - Fram Fuell

Bisnis, JAKARTA— PT Mangole Timber Producers successfully made its inaugural wood pellet export to the Japanese market on Monday (3/3/3034). This achievement follows the resumption of operations at the plywood factory, owned by a subsidiary of the Barito Pacific Group, located in the Sula Islands since mid-2023.

Wood pellets are manufactured through the processing of round wood or wood waste into compressed pellets, characterized by their cylindrical shape with a diameter ranging from 6 - 10 mm and a length of 1 - 3 cm.

Wood pellets are categorized as renewable energy derived from biomass, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative. They are frequently utilized as a substitute for coal in countries with four seasons.

The production process of wood pellets emphasizes environmental sustainability and efficiency. They are readily available and offer a more cost-effective option compared to other fuel sources. Wood pellets burn efficiently, producing a consistent flame.

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