Thohir Family Shares: Analyzing Financial Performance

Several companies associated with the Thohir family have published their financial statements. Among these, seven affiliated issuers have reported a combination of financial and share performance.

Artha Adventy

4 Nov 2023 - 20.13
Thohir Family Shares: Analyzing Financial Performance

Bisnis, JAKARTA — The involvement of the Thohir family in politics often adds a layer of political sentiment to shares associated with them, especially in light of the upcoming 2024 election. With the release of financial reports for the September 2023 period by various issuers, the followings are the stock recommendations.

Issuers affiliated to the Thohir family have disclosed their financial performance for the first nine months of 2023, yielding diverse outcomes. In the stock market, the performance of each issuer fluctuates in response to the sentiment surrounding their financial reports.

The Thohir family's involvement in domestic political dynamics, particularly ahead of the 2024 elections, does influence the price movements of these shares.

Samuel Sekuritas analyst Lionel Prayadi suggests that the energy shares owned by the Thohir family are of interest, but when compared to other issuers in the same sector, there are still many that may be more appealing. 

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